Confidence. Clarity. Compassion.

At Springkicks™, learn Internal Energy Management through Tantui, Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Shaolin Chi Kung and Shaolin Zen.

When you manage your energy, you have quality of life. What is quality of life?

  • To be able to have enough energy throughout the day to carry out to a high standard the different activities that you have 
  • To be able to have interactions with other people that are experienced as stimulating and uplifting, rather than stressful

And then at the end of the day, to feel two things: joy and peace of mind.

It's all about Internal Energy Management...

Train the Shaolin Arts for:

  • good health
  • vitality
  • peak performance
  • self-defence
  • peace of mind
  • quality of life!

Sifu Emiko Hsuen
President & Chief Instructor - Springkicks™

The Shaolin Arts

  • Shaolin Kungfu - Northern & Southern
  • Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung
  • Shaolin Zen
  • Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
- 4th generation successor of the Southern Shaolin Monastery
- Head of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute

We specialize in:

Northern Shaolin Tantui

  • 12 solo sequences
  • 12 basic combat sequences
  • 12 combat sequences
  • respective sets

 18 Lohan Hands

18 Lohan Art

Northern Shaolin Grandmaster Wang Zi-Ping

Springkicks™  "Women Warriors Workshop" - Nov 2015